Avoiding Personal Injury Lawsuits: Ferrari Shows GM How It’s Done


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Ferrari recently issued a recall involving about 100 vehicles. Although not a major recall as GM has been dealing with, it's certainly refreshing to have a company step up to the plate before a personal injury case is looming. Interestingly, the fault within the vehicle involves the, now infamous, company Takata, and defective airbags, just as millions of other recalls this year have. Improperly Manufactured Takata Airbags in Ferraris Can Deploy Incorrectly The recall involves 951 Ferraris of different models manufactured between December 2014 and April 2015. The Italia, Spider, Speciale, California T, FF, F12 berlinetta, and LaFerrari, all come with airbag modules that were preassembled by Takata. Per a report that Ferrari filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the airbag modules were assembled in a in a rotated fashion, which can cause the airbag to deploy accordingly. This, by itself, may not cause a huge issue, but as Alexander Stoklosa of Car and Driver points out, safety tests are performed based on proper orientation. The airbags may not provide adequate protection during a collision. Moreover, the leather covers on many of the assemblies was glued incorrectly, which further increases the risk of improper deployment. No Injuries Have Been Reported; Ferrari Issued Recall Preemptively Takata airbags were responsible for approximately 35 million recalls earlier this year, but for a different reason. Around one-in-seven cars on the road were manufactured with assemblies that encompassed a faulty inflator that could explode, sending shrapnel throughout a vehicle. Many makes and models included those inflators, and by April 2015, more than 100 injuries and six deaths were linked to them, per The Consumerist. Two more fatalities have been added to the total since then, according to CNN reports. It was also made public this year that GM kept defective ignition switches in production for more than a decade, despite knowing that they malfunctioned before they were ever included in a vehicle. Thankfully, when Ferrari realized that some of their vehicles could be unsafe, they contacted the NHTSA immediately and issued a recall. There are no known Charleston personal injury incidents involving this particular defect. In fact, Ferrari may have acted quickly enough that there will be no injuries or fatalities at all- throughout the country. Interestingly, Business Insider recently reported that Ferrari is sizing GM up for a merger. Although Ferrari may have a somewhat sketchy past in regard to safe cars, the company has routinely been quick to investigate issues on its own and recall when necessary. Perhaps GM will pick up this trait in the future.

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