Auto Accidents: Cell Phone Use Linked to Other Risky Behaviors


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The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety routinely performs studies and completes research surrounding the prevalence of auto accidents and their contributing factors. Interestingly, their recent surveys uncovered that people who talk on their cell phones while driving are more likely to engage in other dangerous practices while driving too. General Findings Unlike other groups, AAA focuses on the mentality of the driver and looks for discrepancies in behavior versus actions. On one hand, 90 percent of study participants believed that distracted driving was worse than it had been three years ago. A near-equal number of participants, 89 percent, thought that distracted driving behaviors like cellphone use was a safety concern when other drivers performed them. Surprisingly, 69 percent of them made a call while driving in the past month anyway. Other Risky Behaviors Although there's no clear indication as to why, people who used their cell phones were also more likely to drive under other distracting circumstances. Of those who made a call while diving:

  • 29 percent did not wear a seat belt at least once during the same time period
  • 44 percent drove while drowsy
  • 53 percent sent a text message or e-mail
  • 65 percent reported speeding

Additional Conflictions The people who are making calls while driving encompass a vast majority of the population. Although they understand that distracted driving is unsafe, it appears that they feel immune to the effects of it. For instance, 95 percent of people polled, believed that it was dangerous to text behind the wheel, yet 27 percent of them still did it. Incidents of texting while driving were even more prevalent among those ages 16-24, as 61 percent did it, despite the fact that they felt it was dangerous when other drivers did it. Charleston auto accidents may see further reduction than the rest of South Carolina, because local drivers must pull over to change songs or operate a GPS program, in addition to the state-wide texting ban. Although very few tickets have been issued to drivers under these circumstances, laws like this tend to be effective because they generate awareness of the issue. Considering that so many people are overestimating their skills or underestimating the risk involved in distracted driving, it's essential that the general public become more familiar with the hazards involved.

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Collisions involving distracted drivers injure almost half-a-million people in the U.S. every year. An additional 3,000 people are killed. Although laws are being added to increase awareness and put an end to distracted driving, it's still prevalent. If you have lost a loved one, or if you have been injured due to another party's negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. Oftentimes, courts will award reparations for medical bills, missed work, pain and suffering, as well as funeral costs. Get the medical attention you require first. After that, seek the assistance of an experienced litigation attorney who will fight to ensure you receive a fair settlement. Contact us online, or call one of our attorneys directly at 1(800)610-2546.

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