Agressive Driving Accidents


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Aggressive driving is not just a criminal law enforcement problem. Often times it results in negligent accidents, in which victims suffer serious injuries and death. Negligent car accidents involving aggressive drivers can be very complicated. It is important to consider aggressive driving as a contributing factor when seeking financial damages in a personal injury lawsuit. You'll need an experienced Charleston car accident lawyer to negotiated the settlement you deserve. If you or someone you love was injured by an aggressive driver, contact us today for a free consultation.

Stopping Aggressive Driving

Did you know law-enforcement uses unmarked vehicles to target aggressive drivers? Taxis and other used vehicles are utilized in an aggressive driving program called State Trooper On Patrol (STOP). There are seven districts across South Carolina, each with its own aggressive driving team. A team consists of a supervisor and four troopers. They may also use an aircraft to spot offenders in combination with motorcycles to make the traffic stops. During some holidays, the enforcement has been combined with a media campaign. Law enforcement recognizes the increased danger presented by aggressive drivers. Despite their enforcement efforts, there is currently no aggressive driving law in South Carolina. This means offenders will be charged with a speeding violation. This may result in nominal fines and potential jail time for the most egregious offenders. This is why other states have an enacted aggressive driving laws with more severe penalties.

Charleston Aggressive Driving Law Suit

If you were seriously injured by an aggressive driver, would you feel justice was served if they pay a small fine? While criminal prosecution may stop an offender, it does little to prevent future offenders. This is why you're entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit. This can result in financial compensation to pay for medical bills, to offset lost wages and compensated you for your pain and suffering. It also serves as an additional punishment to a negligent driver and discourages others from doing the same. If you or some one you love was serious injured by an aggressive driver, contact us immediately for free consultation about your potential personal injury lawsuit.

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