ACTOS Hearings Have Begun

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A federal judge will hear the claims Takeda Pharmaceuticals' top-selling diabetes drug, Actos, in associated with an increased risk of bladder cancer. Late last year the judiciary prepared itself for dozens of lawsuits against the manufacturers of Actos. Thousands of claims against Takeda and its related companies on behalf of people who used the drug are expected to be filed.

ACTOS Recall

Takeda's Japanese parent company stopped the sales of Actos in Germany and France last year. The FAD issued a warning regarding the drug's link to cancer in 2010 but continued to permit sales of the drug. The ACTOS lawsuits claim that people who take the drug for more than a year are at increased risk of bladder cancer. The lawsuits claim the maker concealed the cancer risks and failed to properly warn consumer and health care providers.

ACTOS Law Suit

The testing of drugs is limited to few trials in a small amount of time in order to allow pharmaceutical companies to get their product to market more quickly and make the most money possible. This strive for profits continues through the drug's life cycle at the cost of the safety of the patient using their drugs. When you see a company pull medicine in one country and not another, it is because the one country has begin to hold them accountable for the affects of their dangerous drug and selling it in said country in no longer profitable. ACTOS and other dangerous drug lawsuits hold companies accountable. Call Clore Law Group if you were diagnosed with bladder cancer after using ACTOS.

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