Accidents on Ravenel Bridge


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Sine 2009, the two-mile long Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge spanning Charleston and Mount Pleasant has been the scene of more than 170 accidents. Jurisdiction is split between the municipalities and according to the Charleston and Mount Pleasant police, the following injuries and death have recorded.

  • 2009 – Injuries, 17. Deaths, 0.
  • 2010 – Injuries, 22. Deaths, 1.
  • 2011 – Injuries, 14. Deaths, 2.
  • 2012 (Through Sunday) – Injuries, 6. Deaths, 0.

If you or someone you loved suffered an injury in an accident on the Ravenel, contact a Charleston car accident attorney at the Clore law Group now. Your consultation is free, but the medical treatment on ongoing medical care needed following an auto accident is not.

Monday's Truck Wreck on Ravenel Bridge

The truck driver was charged on Tuesday following Monday's high-speed crash on the ramp connecting Interstate 26 eastbound and the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge with multiple equipment violations. The truck driver was cited for brake violations and not having an annual federal inspection of the truck since 2009. Reports show multiple brake violations and multiple issues with his braking system. The truck is registered to SSA Cooper, a company engaged in work at Marine terminal including the Port of Charleston. State Transport Police last inspected the truck in November 2010, registering multiple safety violations that led to the truck being placed out of service. State inspections happen if an officer on patrol observes a violation, at random checkpoints or if a driver at a weigh station is flagged to pull in for further inspection, she said. The State Transport Police has about 100 officers who work the highways checking for possible violations.

Charleston Truck Accident Attorney

The tractor-trailer wreck left mangled vehicles and shut down the bridge. No one was seriously injured, but two police officers were taken to the hospital. We commonly refer to these incidents as a "car accident" or a "tractor-trailer accident." Considering the history of brake malfunctions and the failure to meet mandated safety inspection, is it really accurate to call this an accident? Perhaps it would be more applicable to say it was merely a matter of time before these negligent actions resulted in an accident. Although no one was seriously injured, there was significant property damage. The victims my discover that the insurance company is not eager to provide the settlement needed to repair or replace damaged vehicles. A Charleston accident attorney at Clore law Group is prepared to help accident victims of car and truck accidents. Call today for a free consultation if you were injured or suffered property damage in an accident.

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