AAA Says Teen Car Accident Deaths at Peak Right Now


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Researchers at AAA have discovered a disturbing trend. It seems that the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day encompasses the deadliest 100 days for teens on the road. Moreover, the agency reports that younger drivers make the road more dangerous for everyone on it. If our region follows the national trend, two-thirds of deaths or injuries involving teen drivers in Charleston car accidents are people other than the teen driver, himself. Everyone is at Risk When a Teen is Behind the Wheel Researchers examined data from 1994 to 2013 and looked into car accidents in which the driver was between the ages of 15 and 19. In 2013 alone, teen drivers were responsible for 2,927 deaths and 371,645 injuries. When a teen driver was involved in a collision

  • 48% of the occupants in the other vehicle were injured and 29% were killed.
  • 17% of the occupants in their own vehicle were injured and 27% were killed.
  • 2% of pedestrians or bicyclists were injured and 10% were killed.

Collisions Involving Teens are Declining, but are Still Far too Common AAA notes that over the last 20 years, there has been a 51% decrease in non-fatal teen collisions, and a 56% decline in the number of fatal collisions. Sadly, the summer months still pose an especially high risk, with nearly 3,000 deaths caused by teens, and more than 200 teen-driver fatalities. Compared to the rest of the year, that's a 43% increase. How to Keep Teens (and Everyone Else) Safe on the Road The stance at AAA is essentially that lack of experience is what makes teen drivers so dangerous. For others on the road, the key to safety is driving defensively, and being aware of what other drivers are doing. Teens, on the other hand, need to be conscious of dangerous driving habits, and slowly gain experience in safer, more restricted, situations. Many states offer a graduated license program, which has been proven to cut down on the number of collisions involving young drivers. AAA also has a website dedicated to helping teens and their parents establish safer habits. For instance, the agency created a parent/teen driving agreement, which establishes checkpoints or milestones, slowly adding privileges as time passes. There are also contracts available, which cover guidelines such as no texting or no drinking and driving, and establish consequences for each action. By utilizing these tools and having open communication with teens about risks involved, parents can keep their kids, and everyone else on the road, safer.

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