469,000 More GM Cars Recalled Due to Personal Injury Risk


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General Motors has come under fire again. This time, it's their Chevy Malibu sedans being recalled for a seatbelt defect. Almost 469,000 Malibus from their 2011 and 2012 lines are involved, which makes this GM's largest recall so far this year. Previously, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has stepped in when GM failed to recall their dangerous products, though the manufacturer seems to have caught the personal injury risk on its own this time and issued statements via e-mail. Chevy Malibu Seatbelts are Defective According to reports, 2011-2012 Chevy Malibus have defective seatbelt mechanisms, which are responsible for 36 claims and at least one known injury. On the recalled vehicles, a steel cable is used to join the seatbelt with the vehicle's frame. This steel cable can wear and fray, causing it to fail and be ineffective at restraining a passenger during a collision. Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon Pickup Trucks Have a Seat Attachment Issue An uptick in Charleston personal injury claims may also stem from another recall that GM quietly issued recently. Approximately 53,000 Chevrolet Colorados and GMC Canyon pickup trucks released in 2015 were manufactured incorrectly. In these vehicles, the seats were not properly attached, which means that it can come lose during a collision. According to GM, there have not been any injuries reported as a result of their mistake. The Death Toll From GM's Faulty Ignition Switches Continues to Climb Previously, we covered GM's recall of 27-million vehicles due to faulty ignition switches. Numerous GM models over a several-year span include ignition switches that can come lose, shutting down the power steering, brakes and airbags. So far, 100 deaths have been confirmed to be linked to the recall, plus an additional 184 injuries. Find Out If You Have a Defective Vehicle If you own a GM vehicle, you can enter your vehicle's VIN on their website to see if it's involved in a recall. As the defective ignition switch incidents have shown us, however, we may not be able to rely on GM for the most accurate information. The NHTSA provides a recall check, which you may also use to examine public complaints and NHTSA investigations regarding vehicles produced by any manufacturer. If you find that your vehicle has been involved in a recall, please have it repaired immediately. All of those detailed here have the potential to be deadly.

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