2010 Workplace Fatalities

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Total workplace fatalities decreased in 2010 to 4,547. While it is good the number is getting smaller, it is still a significant number of deaths at work. South Carolina had 65 workplace fatalities in 2010; a decrease from 2009. You may be surprised by the leading causes of death. The following accident resulted in workplace fatalities.

  • 39% were transportation related; 21% of those were on the highway
  • 18% assaults; 11% of which were homicides
  • 14% were from falls
  • 16% struck by an object
  • 9% exposures to harnful substances
  • 4% fires and explosions
The families of workplace fatalities are entitled to death benefits from workers' compensation. If the death was a result of another party's reckless actions, the family will also have grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit.

Workplace Fatalities from Falls

Approximately 20% of the workplace fatalities resulting from falls from ladders. Another 18% were due to a fall form a roof. 15% were falls on the same level. 12% of workplace fatalities resulting from falls was due to nonmoving vehicles. Another 7% were falls from scaffolding and 5% was from falling down stairs. Many times workplace fatalies resulting from falls are unfortunate accident and the family of the victims only recourse to offset the resulting financial hardship is workers' compensation death benefit. When the death is a result of negligence or product defects, as often is the case in deaths falling from scaffolding or work related car accidents, the family may also have grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit.

Workplace Fatalities by Occupation

The job with the most workplace fatalities is construction. Construction accident is typically the leading cause for workers' compensation claims too. Transportation related jobs resulted in the second most deaths. Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting is the next most deadly job according to the 2010 Workplace Fatalities Report.

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