2 Die in Folley Road Accident

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Charleston City Police are investigating an accident the killed two men Saturday night on Folly Road. According to the Charleston County Coroner's Office, two men were traveling towards Folly Road when they ran off the road, crossed over two lanes and crashed into two trees along the roadside. The coroner's identified the driver as Marvin Brown, 41, of James Island, and the passenger as Gregory Harris, 38, also from James Island. Both men died at the scene of the accident. Authorities say it was not raining at the time of the accident, but that the road was still wet. They are investigating whether the wet road played a part in this accident.

Car Accident caused by Poorly Maintained Roads

There is no evidence yet that road maintenance played a part in this accident. Rain and other acts of god cannot be avoided; however, what if a car accident could be avoided? Road conditions resulting from poor maintenance can contribute to auto accidents. There have been successful personal injury lawsuits resulting from car accidents on road known to be dangerous. For example, if a public roadway has a dip that collects water during minimal rain it may contribute to a car hydroplaning and a subsequent accident. In and of itself, this may be not be a cause for legal action. Now suppose the same dip has triggered dozens of car accidents in a short time period and the public agency has taken no action to repair or improve the condition. This lack of action may be cause for a personal injury lawsuit.

Charleston Accident Attorney

Accidents are not always avoidable. If negligence or lack of effort to avoid future accidents played a part in you being injured, perhaps accident is not the best description. There is numerous legal publication tracking the most dangerous roads in America. Your safety on the road is dependent on the conditions of our thoroughfares. If you were injured and believe the condition of the road contributed to the accident, contact a lawyer today. An experienced accident attorney can determine if you may have legal recourse to seek damage to pay for your medical treatments.

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