100,000+ High-End Bicycles Recalled Due to Personal Injury Risk


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Threat of personal injury for Charleston cyclists has been especially high the past few months. There's always risk involved in riding, whether it's caused by Mother Nature or dangerous drivers. However, last spring it was revealed that about one-million faulty Trek bicycles were recalled because a quick-release lever has the tendency to open up while the bike is in motion, jamming the wheel. Reports were pouring in that bikes were breaking as a result, and at least one man was left paralyzed. Now, Trek and seven other high-end bicycle brands are involved in another recall due to faulty and dangerous products. The Bikes are Recalled Due to Faulty SR Suntour Forks Part of the reason why this recall is so huge is because multiple companies have outsourced certain parts to a company called SR Suntour. Although it's a Japanese company, it has a factory in China, which produces some pieces, including bicycle forks. This is the portion of the bicycle that starts as one tube, then branches into two which hold the wheel in place. Certain SR Suntour forks contain a faulty bolt that can break or separate, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Because of this, the wheel can come off, even while the bike is in motion. So far, more than a dozen people have had this unpleasant and potentially deadly experience. How to Identify if You Own a Dangerous Bicycle There are eight brands involved in the recall, and all bikes were sold between November 2014 and May 2015, with starting prices of approximately $300. As noted earlier, all the bicycles contain forks made by SR Suntour, and should have stickers with the company's name on both branches of the fork. The serial number of all impacted models begin with the letter "K" and end with a number between 141101 and150127. Bicycles Involved Were Manufactured By:

  • Trek
  • Cannondale
  • Diamondback
  • Giant
  • GT
  • INA International
  • Schwinn
  • Scott

Look for Fork Model-Numbers:

  • M3010
  • M3020
  • M3030
  • NEX
  • XCT

What to Do if You Have a Dangerous Bicycle Although no incidents involving personal injury have surfaced yet, it's important to stop using the bike immediately if you discover you own one. Per the CSPC, bike owners should take the bicycle back to the store it was purchased at for a free repair and inspection.

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