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In a nursing home, each nurse is responsible for several patients at the same time. This means that they need to be giving each patient the appropriate medications, and also ensure the right medication is given at the right time. Keeping track of all this information can sometimes be overwhelming, especially for an understaffed nursing home. An understaffed nursing home can sometimes provide a patient with the wrong medication or the wrong dose of medication, resulting in an injury to the patient. A patient who is injured in a nursing home because of a mistake like this needs to get in touch with a law firm that can hold the nursing home legally accountable for its negligence.

Determining Injury Because of a Medication Error

Those who believe they have been given the wrong medication need to get in touch with a doctor or lawyer right away. Another doctor can come into the nursing home to obtain blood samples from the resident to identify what medications are in the patient’s system. This is important to do as soon as the patient suspects he or she has been given the wrong medication because traces of the wrong drug will show up in the blood for only so long. Getting in touch with a lawyer is also a good idea because an attorney can contact doctors to get second and third opinions that are going to help the patient if he or she takes the case to court. A lawyer will also be able to begin legal steps against the nursing home if it’s determined that the patient was given the wrong medication.

Injuries can also occur if someone is given too much of his or her own medicine. For example, diabetic patients should be getting a certain amount of insulin on a regular basis. If they are given too much or too little, it could send them into a diabetic coma.

Filling a Nursing Home Abuse Claim

While some medication mistakes do not result in unintended suffering, some errors result in serious injury. Certain medications are not supposed to be mixed with each other, but if they are, harm could come to a patient. Someone who was seriously hurt because of negligence with medicine in a nursing home should be sure they hire a lawyer that can help them get full compensation for their injuries, including for pain and suffering.


Medical bills can be expensive, and patients that are not responsible for providing themselves with medication should not be held responsible for a dosing mistake. A good lawyer will be able to obtain proof that the nursing home made a mistake in the medicine it provided the client, resulting in financial compensation for the victim.

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