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Those who are staying in a nursing home are supposed to receive the proper level of medical care and attention each and every day. Unfortunately, some nursing homes choose to operate with limited staff or employ people who do not perform their jobs as they should. It is often for those reasons a nursing home resident becomes dehydrated and malnourished or suffers severe bedsores, during their stay. This is a serious problem because many elderly people need proper nutrition and sustenance to keep a medical condition at bay. For example, a diabetic elderly person needs proper food and sugar intake to remain healthy or they could experience serious health repercussions.

What to Do After Becoming Dehydrated or Malnourished

If you are staying in a nursing home and suspect that you are not getting the right amount of food and water each day, then get in touch with a loved one or a medical professional. It’s possible to have a doctor from another facility come to examine you and determine if you’ve been given the appropriate level of care. In most cases, you will already know if you are not getting the right level of care based on how you feel. You can also get in touch with a lawyer that can help you investigate your case further. Getting in touch with a lawyer is a good idea because he or she can contact doctors for you and also begin taking legal action if it’s determined that you were not getting the proper care.

Taking a Nursing Home Neglect Case to Court

If you have gotten in touch with a lawyer and it has been determined that you were not provided with proper sustenance, then you need to ask your lawyer to file a lawsuit against the nursing home in question. Nursing homes can be held responsible for damages that resulted from your deteriorated state of health because of negligence. People who are malnourished or dehydrated often need extensive medical care to get back in good health. This extensive care can be costly and should not be the financial responsibility of a victim of nursing home neglect. A good lawyer will be able to prove who or what caused a client’s state of diminished health, and also seek proper compensation in court.


Victims of nursing home neglect should be compensated for all medical expenses incurred by their injury, as well as for their pain and suffering. This can be a substantial amount for victims, which could change their life dramatically.

Those who live in South Carolina and believe they or their loved one are a victim of malnutrition or dehydration as a result of nursing home neglect need to get in touch with the Clore Law Group. We are a team of highly experienced legal professionals that have dealt with various types of nursing home abuse cases in the past. Give us a call at (843) 380-5864 so we can discuss further actions that need to be taken on your behalf.