Resident Insertion of Nasogastric Tube Into Patient’s Brain

An elderly female had a successful surgery at a hospital for a benign pituitary (brain) tumor but developed some pneumonia after surgery. After she was readmitted to the hospital, a resident (i.e. a doctor in training to become a specialist) placed a nasogastric tube (NG) tube that was supposed to go through the nose, inside the food pipe and down into the stomach. It was alleged that immediately afterward, the patient began having signs of brain problems, and that what had really happened is the resident placed the NG tube not into the stomach but through the nose and into the brain cortex, thus resulting in her death from bleeding. Clore Law Group, LLC represented the family of the deceased woman and, despite significant limitations on damages under South Carolina law for this type of case, achieved a non-confidential settlement of $1,100,000.

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