Private Gym Facility Failed to Apply AED During Cardiac Arrest

Despite various federal and state laws that help protect gyms and other facilities from lawsuits if they properly train staff on, and use, automated external defibrillators (AEDs) for people suffering cardiac arrest, some gyms still go without these life-saving devices or, even worse, purchase one and then never train staff how to use it. Clore Law Group, LLC encountered the latter situation when they sued, with the assistance of an out-of-state lawfirm, a large gym facility, alleging negligence that resulted in the severe brain injury of a middle-aged man who suffered a heart attack, then cardiac arrest, while on one of the gym’s treadmill machines. Even though the gym had a fully charged AED near the front desk, which could have automatically shocked and brought the man back to life, the gym staff did not know what to do with it. For years AEDs have been approved by the FDA and sold to businesses and even for home use. When the device is turned on, it gives simple commands with a few basic diagrams showing how to apply the small pads to a victim’s chest, and then how to press a button in order to deliver the shock. But by the time EMS arrived and used the machine to restore the man’s heart, over ten minutes had elapsed, and he suffered very severe brain damage from lack of oxygenated blood flow during that time. Clore Law Group, LLC obtained a confidential settlement for the man and his family as a result.

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