Oversedation and Suffocation During Colonoscopy

A middle-aged man had an upper GI procedure followed by a colonoscopy, to rule out cancer. Although no cancer was found, he was oversedated during the colonoscopy to the point where he developed severe breathing problems and respiratory arrest, quickly followed by cardiac arrest. By the time emergency providers arrived, he had already suffered massive brain damage from lack of oxygen during the arrest. As a result, he remained in a vegetative or comatose type state.  Clore Law Group, LLC was retained to investigate and then prosecute a case against the anesthesia provider and facility where this occurred, alleging that the man’s airway collapse and arrests happened because he was given too much anesthesia, for too long, and then not properly monitored until it was too late. Eventually, Clore Law Group, LLC was able to procure a confidential settlement for the man and his wife.

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