Failure to Diagnose Impending Heart Attack

A middle-aged man presented to a  hospital emergency department (ED) at 2 am with complaints of burning chest pain that had been ongoing, and that was sometimes related to eating, although it was severe enough this night that the pain woke him up in bed. He was diagnosed at the ER with reflux (GERD), given Mylanta and antacid medication and sent home, even though the EKG done in the ED showed significant evidence that he had heart ischemia (i.e. not receiving enough blood flow through the heart arteries due to blockages). He died 2 days later from a heart attack. Mark Clore alleged that the coronary ischemia was overlooked and misdiagnosed, and that if the man had been treated properly he could and should have had heart stents or a bypass surgery and that he likely would have survived. The case settled successfully and confidentially in favor of the man’s family.

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