Construction Site Accident Lawyer Charleston


People are hurt and cars are damaged every year because of construction-related accidents. Whether it is  closed lanes, an urban building project, or an outright detour, construction is typically the cause of some inconvenience. In addition, there are usually additional rules that drivers and pedestrians have to follow when they encounter construction zones, such as slowing down or crossing the street to use another walkway.

Often these accidents come as a result of negligence. It is the responsibility of construction companies to make sure that their workers follow specific protocols to keep roads and sidewalks clear and safe.

Causes of Construction Site Accidents

The ways in which construction crews can fail to perform their duties, thus causing accidents, are virtually innumerable. Some common examples of dangerous construction site negligence include:

  • Poorly placed or absent construction zone warning signs
  • No barricades between drivers and roadway construction zones
  • Debris that is not cleared from a roadway or sidewalk
  • Machinery on or near a road or sidewalk

Constriction is essential to the growth and maintenance of society’s infrastructure; however, it is the responsibility of construction crews and companies to perform their work safely.

Construction Accident Lawyer

Accidents and injuries on construction sites are a daily danger for laborers. Most injuries are covered under South Carolina Workers’ Compensation, but there are some exceptions. Additionally, there are times when workers’ comp coverage may not be sufficient or when the injury was the result of another person’s negligence. The Clore Law Group is prepared to help you seek the damages you deserve following your construction accident.