Workplace Back Injury Lawyer Charleston

Xray of the spine

Back injury can cause severe pain in the legs, loss of nerve sensation in the feet, limited mobility and debilitating lower back pain. If you suffered this kind of injury, it may hinder your ability to perform daily tasks.

Insurance companies may dismiss leg pains or a sore neck as a minor injury unrelated to a specific accident. For these reasons, it is very important to inform your physician of all aches and pains so that he or she can properly diagnose and document the true extent of your back injury. This should be done during your first doctor’s appointment after your injury if possible.

If your back injury happened on the job, your first responsibility is to seek medical treatment. After reaching your maximum medical improvement (MMI), the physician will use the permanent impairment rating guidelines to determine the percentage of your impairment.

For a free opinion on what your permanent impairment rating is worth, call The Clore Law Group in Charleston today and talk to an experienced back injury attorney. You can trust your interests will be well served by this dedicated Charleston law firm.

Types of Back Injuries and Future Complications

A serious accident could have left you paralyzed or with a spinal cord injury. Or, you could suffer from one of these common injuries:

  • Herniated/ruptured disc
  • Compression fracture Neck injuries (common with back injuries)
  • Head injuries associated with back injuries
  • Nerve damage
  • Hemiparesis
  • Hemiplegia

From lifting heavy boxes or slipping on equipment to objects falling from a high shelf, back injuries are the result of a multitude of workplace injuries. No matter what caused your accident, it is absolutely imperative for you to fully discuss your accident with your attorney. An experienced Charleston injury attorney will help in your efforts to recover the maximum compensation to pay your medical expenses.

Contact a Charleston Back Injury Lawyer

Depending upon the severity of the back injury, a worker may be unable to return to the current job or unable to return to any employment. In these situations, the worker should have a physician’s recommendations in writing outlining the worker’s restrictions. If you suffered a back injury, call The Clore Law Group in Charleston for a free consultation with a Charleston lawyer to discuss your case.