Charleston Property Damage Attorneys

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Have you sustained property damage caused by another party? Have you been told you have to pay your deductible for an accident that wasn’t even your fault? Has your own insurance company denied your claim? Turn to the Clore Law Group to force the insurance company to honor their policy’s coverage of your property damage.

Liberty Mutual reported more than $1.6 billion in profits in 2011. Allstate and Nationwide each reported greater than $900 million. Simply put, insurance companies don’t make profits by paying property damage claims. There are several typical strategies the insurance companies deploy to avoid honoring their policies. If you’ve been denied or received a low ball estimate, call 800-610-2564 now to discuss your property damage claim with a skilled South Carolina attorney.

Property Damage Policy Exclusions

When an insurance company doesn’t want to pay a property damage claim, they may claim the particular damage is excluded from the policy’s coverage. Attorneys call this “arguing coverage.” They may claim that flood, water damage, fire damage or hurricane damage would be excluded.

Property damage policy exclusions can include third party negligence. For example, if your apartment burns down, the building owner’s insurance company may attempt to claim that another resident’s negligence caused the fire.  They can be quite creative too. If you have hurricane coverage, they may claim the damage was actually caused by wind in an attempt to avoid paying a claim.

If you have sustained property damage, don’t sign anything before meeting with an attorney at the Clore Law Group. They will evaluate your claim and let you know if the insurance owes you.

Property Damage Valuation Disputes

You can expect the insurance company to give a low-ball offer that will not cover the repair or replacement of your damaged property. If you win that argument, you’ll often meet another adjuster. While the next adjuster may offer a larger settlement, it often still fails to cover repair or replacement costs.

Imagine the effects of an undervalued property damage claim to your business. What if you own a marina and an entire rack of boats collapsed or a 100-foot yacht sinks in a wet slip? Your business may fail if you don’t get the claim you deserve.

Insurance companies have experienced attorneys looking out for them. You should too. Call 800-610-2564 now to speak to a Charleston property damage claim lawyer at the Clore Law Group.