Two die in three-car wreck on I-40 in Johnston County

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RALEIGH -- A 20-year-old woman and 22-year-old man died instantly Thursday night after their car lost control and was struck by two vehicles on Interstate 40 in Johnston County. Terri Lynn Reeves of 108 Hawks Nest Circle in Benson and Joshua James Witherspoon of Black Creek Road in Smithfield, were pronounced dead at the scene, the patrol reported. Their 22-month-old daughter, Shelby Faith Witherspoon, was trapped inside the wrecked vehicle for nearly 30 minutes, said First Sgt. Jeff Gordon this afternoon. Emergency workers freed the child and rushed her to WakeMed in Raleigh before airlifting her to UNC Hospital, the N.C. Highway Patrol reported. She is in stable condition. Two other people also were transported to local hospitals after the crash, the N.C. Highway Patrol reported this afternoon. Read more:

Car Wreck Lawyer

A car wreck leaves to lives of all involved change forever. This story demonstrates the serious danger car travel has, even though we do not often think about it. Responsibility for this accident we'll be decide eventually, but we could see a several potential causes of action. There could be a wrongful death lawsuit arise from this car wreck, if it is determined the death of the two victims was due to another party's negligence. There could be car accident lawsuits from the other vehicles colliding with the overturned car. Even though the drivers died, the other party's can still file a lawsuit the insurers would have to address. It is even plausible a auto manufacturer, or product liability, lawsuit could result from this car wreck. For example, let's suppose the vehicle the crashed is found to have a defect part that resulted in the accident. There are numerous examples of a fault tie rod triggering a car wreck. A tie rod controls the front wheels in an independent suspension vehicle. When one break, the associated wheel can cause a car to drive off the road. It isn't yet clear what will come from this unfortunate accident, but it does serve as a reminder of the life changing affects of a car wreck.

Personal Injury from a Car Wreck

When an attorney files a lawsuit seeking financial compensation after a car accident it is referred to as a personal injury lawsuit. This legal category covers any injury caused by another liable party. If you have suffered injury or have lost a loved one due to a car wreck, consulted an attorney to learn of your legal rights.

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