Tips to Avoid a Car Accident

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A fatal car accident in Charleston early Sunday morning took the lives of three passengers. The Clore Law Group witnesses first hand the pain and suffering endured by the family of those killed in car accidents. The following tips were derived from an article on Unfortunately not all car wrecks can be avoided. Contact us immediately if you or someone you love is injured by a negligent driver.

Auto Accident Avoidance Tips

1. Avoid the "fast lane." It isn't just the speed that increases your chance of an accidents in the fast lane. It offers less maneuverability. The center or right lanes will give you a better chance to avoid a crash. 2. Scan the area ahead. Mind the flow of traffic ahead of you in addition to the vehicle directly in front of you. 3. Mind the blind spots. Mirrors help, but they don't allow you, or other drivers, to see everything. Many newer vehicles have blind zone sensors which can create a false sense of security. 4. Keep your hands at 9 and 3 o'clock. This position gives you maximum control when you must react quickly to avoid a car accident. 5. Set up like a race car driver. Move your seat near enough to the steering wheel so that your wrist can rest on the top of the wheel while your back rests against the seat. Your arms will be less tired and you'll have better control to makes sudden moves. 6. Consider a car's condition as an indicator. Cars with apparent body damage can indicate a poorly maintained vehicle. A swerving car may indicate an intoxicated driver or a distracted driver; Slow down and give them room. Its best to keep a questionable driver in front of you. 7. Understand your vehicles limits. Different vehicles have different stopping distances and requiring you to follow vehicles at a greater distance. SUV's have a higher center of gravity requiring slower speeds in cornering. Knowing you vehicles limits will help you avoid a wreck. 8. Maintain your car. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for maintenance. Attempting to get more millage from your oil change or tires increase your chances of a wreck due to mechanical failures or decrease performance limits, like stoping distance due to worn tires. 9. Avoid night time travel. While driving at night may help you avoid some traffic, the drivers on the road can present even greater dangers. Tired drivers and drunk drivers are more prevalent as it gets later. 10. Attend high performance driving school. These schools are not only fun, they teach accident avoidance and skid recovery in a safe controlled environment.

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Contact the Charleston car accident lawyers at Clore Law Group if you were seriously injured due to another person's careless or dangerous actions.

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