Study Finds Most People Feel Pain Weeks After a Car Wreck


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It's no fun to be in a Charleston car wreck, regardless of the circumstances. However, a study performed by the University of North Carolina has discovered that a surprising number of people remain in pain for weeks following a collision. Even more concerning, is that they also don't seek the help they deserve. The Data was Gathered as Events Unfolded American emergency departments see around four-million auto accident victims yearly, of which around 90% are treated and released promptly. A research team led by Samuel A. McLean at the University of North Carolina decided to look for links between the severity and duration of pain that patients feel after a motor vehicle collision. In total, 950 patients from eight emergency departments participated in the study. While they were still in the emergency room, individuals were asked a series of questions to gauge their immediate pain levels and determine a baseline. After a Six-Week Recovery Period, Researchers Followed Up With Injured Parties Once participants had a chance to heal from their injuries, researchers contacted them again to see how they felt. Surprisingly, more than 70% of them reported musculoskeletal pain. Moreover, a full one-third of them said that they were still experiencing pain in at least four different body parts. Despite the Pain, Most People Didn't Seek Reparations Bear in mind that these types of injuries often require car wreck victims to miss time from work to recover. People also have to take time off for medical appointments, and have trouble keeping up with daily responsibilities or familial obligations. On top of that, they may be responsible for repairing damage to the vehicle, and covering other financial losses. Yet despite the fact that 70% of them were still in pain, only 17% had decided to use legal venues to cover their losses. Of those who chose not to obtain legal representation, 28% reported moderate to severe neck pain, 13% had widespread pain in at least seven areas of the body, and 4% of them reported symptoms similar to fibromyalgia. Why People Choose Not to Sue After an Auto Accident Researchers don't have any certain answers as to why people choose to unnecessarily shoulder the responsibility after a collision. However, they do note that pain often starts off manageable, or individuals believe it will fade quickly. As the victim attempts to carry on with recovery, and balance normal life, the pain gets worse. At this point, they may fear that their injuries can't be proven, or that too much time has passed to be able to build a solid case.

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