South Carolina Moped Collisions Double in Recent Years


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A recent study shows that moped use has risen as much as 60-percent in recent years. Despite their continual popularity across Europe, the majority of Americans did not consider them a favored mode of transportation until the economy crashed. This caused a wide range of people to seek out the vehicles, in part because of their modest initial investment and also because they benefit from better gas mileage. On average, they receive about 100-miles per gallon. Along with their resurgence in popularity came an upturn in the number of moped accidents, as well as fatalities. South Carolina Moped Accidents The Beaufort Gazette looked into South Carolina's statistics and was able to uncover that the number of licenses to operate the vehicles has doubled in the past few years. In line with the rest of the nation, South Carolina's fatal moped accidents jumped by 54-percent as well. The number of injury-causing collisions involving them is around 600 every year, according to the Department of Highway Safety. Risk Very little data is available regarding the cause of many of the collisions. However, a study that examined collisions within the State of Florida discovered that alcohol or drug use was a contributing factor in many cases. Other sources indicate that the size of the vehicle is largely at fault, because other drivers can't see it. Their lighting has also been highly debated, as a large number of collisions involve the moped being rear-ended. Because society has not yet adapted to, nor are they expecting to see, riders, it puts them at even greater risk. Moreover, many of the vehicles are not able to go more than about 30-miles per hour, which makes it difficult for others on the road to gauge their position and rate of speed. It's also worth noting that a majority of the accidents happen at night. Additionally, more than three-fourths of all riders in the Florida study were uninsured. This suggests that the majority of cases will need legal representation to ensure justice is done. Safety There are numerous things that can be done to ensure the safety of riders. South Carolina decided to run a campaign to raise awareness. Their hope is that other drivers will learn to anticipate their presence. At the same time, riders should operate under the assumption that they're not being seen. In the Florida study, only 17-percent of riders wore helmets, thus adding to the risk of head and brain injury. Riders are advised to wear protective gear whether local laws require them or not. Riders should also take great care to ensure they're as visible as possible. The addition of side lights may help drivers better gauge their rate of speed and better back lighting is indicated. Better visibility of the rider is essential, and can be achieved with bright clothes and reflective gear.

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