School Bus Accident Wake County


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When parents allow their children to take the bus to school, they entrust the safety of their kids to the bus driver and the school district. It is not yet clear if this accident was the result of negligent behavior, but we do know multiple children required medical attention for pain or injuries to the ankle, back or neck. Fortunately, kids are able to withstand the physical trauma of a school bus accident better than an adult. Most student were able to continue to school. Students move from a Wake County Public Schools bus to a Wake County EMS transportation vehicle following an accident that involved three vehicles including the bus Tuesday morning, Nov. 22, 2011, on I-40 at the Lake Wheeler Road overpass. Traffic in the westbound lanes of I-40 was backed up for several miles due to the accident. The bus was carrying 40 students to Dillard Drive Middle School, according to Wake schools spokesman Greg Thomas. One student was taken to a hospital with an ankle injury, Thomas said. Seven other students were transported to the hospital, with the chief complaints being neck and back pain. The rest were taken on to school. Read more:

School Bus Accident Lawyer

The families of those injured will have medical expenses. They may even have ongoing treatment needs. North Carolina laws allow victims of negligent injuries to seek financial compensation for their medical expense by filing a personal injury lawsuit. If fault is accredited to one of the three vehicles involved, the lawsuit would be filed against that person. If it is determined the bus driver was at fault, a Charleston lawyer would file a lawsuit against the school district. Injury victims need an experienced personal injury attorney who can determine who is liable for your injuries and win the financial compensation you are entitled under North Carolina law.

School Bus Accident Injuries

The injuries in this particular school bus accident are common. Spinal cord related injuries, broken bones and joint injuries are a few of the most prevalent injuries resulting from a school bus accident. Kids typically recover quickly. When they don't, they have an entire life ahead of them which has been dramatically altered by the injuries sustained. If your child was injured in a school bus accident like the one in Wake County, contact the injury lawyer at the Clore Law Group now.

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