National Bike Month: Focus on Bicycle-Car Collision Avoidance


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A person is far more likely to be involved in a bicycle-car collision in Charleston than in most other parts of the country, according to a recent insurance study. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that more than 700 cyclists are killed every year by auto accidents, which is roughly 2% of the total fatality count for wrecks. An additional 49,000 people are injured as well. To kick off National Bike Month, we'll focus on some events happening, and include a few tips on staying safe. National Bike Month Events You Can Participate In

  • Bike to School Day: May 6
  • Bike to Work Day: May 15
  • Ride of Silence (In honor of cyclists who have been killed or injured): May 20

Bike Safety Tips A helmet is your best defense if you get hit by a car, but you may be able to avoid being involved in a bicycle-car collision if you follow a few tips.

  1. Illuminate yourself. Use headlights and reflective gear to make sure drivers see you.
  2. Make eye contact. If you have to cross in front of a vehicle, always make eye contact with the drivers before you proceed. If they don't notice you, or you're not sure, wave "hello" and wait for a reciprocating gesture.
  3. Ride with traffic. When you ride in the same direction, it's easier for cars to see you at intersection. Drivers often fail to look to their right for oncoming bikes and cars.
  4. Avoid blind spots. Be particularly wary of staying in a driver's blind spot, or the area on either side of the vehicle which stretches out from the mirror, and forms a right triangle. Smaller drivers, or those in larger vehicles, will have larger blind spots, so never assume that the driver knows where you are.
  5. Ride in the bike lane. Although it may seem safer to ride on the sidewalk, drivers aren't expecting to see you there, and it can increase your risk of getting hit as you cross an intersection or driveway.
  6. Ride slower. To increase the chances that drivers will notice you, travel at a safe speed.
  7. Pretend you're invisible. In other words, ride as if you're certain others on the road can't see you. This way, you'll be more prone to practice safe riding techniques and avoid being struck.

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Cyclist accidents are incredibly dangerous, simply because they involve an individual battling a steel machine weighing hundreds of pounds. The massive steel machine will always win. When the cyclist survives, the injuries are often severe, requiring hospitalization, and time away from work. Unfortunately, traumatic injury is all too common, and the result is a fatality. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, you may be entitled to reparations for the costs associated with it, as well as for pain and suffering. For a free consultation, please contact us online or speak with one of our attorneys directly by calling 1(800)610-2546.

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