Waves & Storm Surge Hit Nags Head, NC

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The U.S. National Weather Service says heightened waves and swells have started hitting North Carolina's coast as Hurricane Irene approaches. Meteorologist Hal Austin says North Carolina's Outer Banks have started seeing 6 to 9-foot waves early Friday. For hundreds of miles, as many as 65 million people along the densely populated East Coast are warily waiting for a dangerous hurricane that has the potential to inflict billions of dollars in hurricane damages anywhere within that urban sprawl that arcs from Washington and Baltimore through Philadelphia, New York, Boston and beyond

Hurricane Irene Expected Damage

Rain and storm surge are expected to knock out power along the US coast. To some, this is consider little more than an inconvenience. The North Carolina business this represents potential loss of business revenue. This is why many companies opt for business interruption insurance to compensate them for things including loss of perishables and loss to expected sales. More times than not, there is a disagreement of the estimate for these hurricane damage claims. An experienced attorney can negotiate your settlement; helping you receive the maximum compensation for your insurance policy coverage.

North Carolina Hurricane Damage Attorney

Hurricanes typically cause wind & water damage, roof damage and flooding. The cause is clear, but the insurance company may still argue that it is not. Once causation is concede, they may argue that you're policy lacks coverage. The Clore Law Group's experience attorneys have experienced first hand the strategies used by insurance adjuster to deny or underpay your insurance claim related to Hurricane Damage. Don't sign anything from the insurance adjuster without first speaking to an attorney. The Clore Law Group offers free consultation, so there is not cost to your ensure you insurance company is treating you fairly.

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