Hurricane Irene's Damage Becoming Reality


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Hurricane Irene is set to become one of the more destructive hurricanes to hit the East Coast in at least several decades. The latest computer model guidance confirms this extraordinary threat and the first hurricane warnings and hurricane watches have been issued for the East Coast. It all starts with Hurricane Irene's incredible wind field. As of Friday morning tropical storm-force winds were up to 580 miles wide. This is the distance from Baltimore to Portland, Maine. Hurricane Irene's tropical storm-force wind field is larger than both Hurricane Ike (2008) and Hurricane Katrina (2005) at maximum size! Reason again not to focus solely on the path of the center of circulation, although it is around and especially east of the eye where the strongest winds will be. Hurricane Irene (latest forecast) will produce a strip of heavy rainfall along and just to the west of the path of the center of circulation from eastern North Carolina to New England. Hurricane Irene's center is now expected to track close or even a little inland of the Jersey Shore into southern New England, that places New York City and southern New England on the eastern semicircle of the circulation, meaning significant storm surge flooding is expected in these vulnerable locations! Coastal flooding would also begin well ahead of the arrival of the center of Irene from North Carolina to New England.

Hurricane Damage Claims Denied

Insurance companies do not make money when they pay claims. You may think you're in "good hands," but wait until you file a claim. This report highlights the insurance companies who deny the most claims. Expect a fight if you have flood or wind damage and are forced to file a claim on your home owners insurance policy.

Low-ball Insurance Estimates

Your hurricane damage lawyer will have to argue causation and coverage to get past a denial. Then comes the fight of the estimate for repairs. It may take several adjusters to get to a satisfactory settlement. If your home is damaged or destroyed, you have your entire life to piece back together. The attorneys at the Clore Law Group will handle the insurance company for you. Call 800-610-2546 if you have hurricane damage in North Carolina.

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