How Much Money is the Typical Charleston Car Accident Worth?


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The average person has a car accident every 17.9 years, which means you'll probably be involved in three or four over the course of your lifetime. Many of these are small fender-benders, and minimal damage occurs. Although numerous sources are reluctant to give average settlement amounts for a collision, AAA has come up with a few pertinent statistics. Wrecks involving injuries cost about $126,000, while a fatal collision totals around $6 million. Of course, there are many factors which determine the total cost of a collision, which are also used in determining a settlement rate. Expenses Related Directly to the Vehicle There are many costs that are tied into damage to the vehicle. Depending on your situation, you may have to pay for:

  • Vehicle repairs
  • The difference between what is owed on the car and what insurance pays off if it's totaled
  • Diminished value of the vehicle
  • Towing from the collision
  • Vehicle storage
  • Rental car

Damage to Personal Belongings Items that were in the vehicle at the time of the wreck may also be included in the settlement. For instance, car seats may need to be replaced, a trunk full of groceries may have been a total loss, or perhaps a laptop was broken. Most items that need to be repaired or replaced can be accounted for in a settlement. Injuries As a result of a collision, many people find themselves with extensive injury-related bills, such as:

  • Emergency responders
  • Ambulance transportation
  • Emergency room treatment
  • Hospitalization
  • Out-patient medical care
  • Ongoing medical care

Other Expenses It doesn't end with costs incurred due to damages and injuries, though. There are a myriad of other factors involved in a collision settlement, like:

  • Time away from work
  • Inability to provide for your family
  • Decreased earning ability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Funeral expenses

The Total Settlement You Can Expect Every single car accident case is different. Obviously, if a person was left disabled, disfigured, or deceased as a result of a collision that was not his fault, he'll likely receive a substantial disbursement. At the same time, a person with minor injuries, who can return to work right away, will probably receive much less.

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With so much at stake, don't try to guess what your case is worth, and don't accept what the insurance company offers, either. Insurance companies are trying to minimize the amount they pay out, so although they may offer you a seemingly fair settlement at first, it's probably far less than you're entitled to. Our attorneys can examine all aspects of your case, and help you determine how much you may be entitled to, should you decide to go forward. Moreover, we do not charge any fees until you win your case, so you won't be bogged down by another bill. This is a battle you do not have to fight alone. If you'd like a no-obligation consultation, please contact us using our online form, or speak directly to one of our attorneys now by calling 1(800)610-2546.

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