Felony DUI on James Island

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Memories of the "Skinful Halloween party" on James Island this will be mar by a wrongful death cause by a felony dui. Beau Froehlich died Tuesday morning after being struck by a car walking home from the Halloween Party. Deputies charged 31-year-old Matthew Fisher with felony DUI after field sobriety tests were completed. Deputies say Fisher was driving near the intersection of Folly and South Grimball Road around 3 a.m. when he struck Froehlich. According to investigators, the suspect then drove to the fire station on Folly Road.

What is Felony DUI?

DUI is a misdemeanor, but when drunk driving result in bodily harm to others a more severe charge of felony DUI is usually the result. While Felony DUI is a serious criminal charge that can result in jail time if convicted, it offers little comfort to the families of the victims. Jail time does not replace the year lost to parent of the victims. A felony DUI conviction does not help a family provide financially for the future loss income of the victim. These are the reason for our having a civl and criminal justice system. Felony DUI's often result in a wrongful death lawsuit. Even if the accused is able to have the criminal charge dismissed on a technicality, a wrongful death lawsuit may still be victorious.

Penalties of Felony DUI

A conviction of Felony DUI when death occurs in South Carolina will result in 1 to 25 years in jail. There may be fines up to $25,000 as well. A wrongful death lawsuit is separate from these penalties. The financial compensation due the family of wrongful death victims serves to compensate for their loss and deter future occurrences of felony dui.

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