More Fatalities Due to Distracted Driving

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While Charleston passed a ban on texting while driving last year, any positive effects will take some time to develop-if at all. The trend since 2005 has is an increasing number of fatalities are attributed to distracted driving. It's not only texting. There are numerous distractions including reading, applying cosmetics, shaving with electric razors and even children, but it is clear the increased usage of electronics is tied to the increase in fatal accidents.

Examples of Distracted Driving

The main focus of of discussion when it comes to distracted driving is texting, but the definition used by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is a crash resulting from a driver who had been using a technological device, including a cell phone, onboard navigation system, computer, fax machine, two-way radio, or head-up display, or had been engaged in inattentive or careless activities. From 2005 to 2010, the rate of fatal accident involving pedestrians and bicyclists both increased while fatal traffic death in general are declining. The evidence is pointing to use of electronic devices. The Fatality Analysis Reporting System records data on every accident involving a vehicle and a pedestrian resulting in at least one death. About half the pedestrian deaths occured between 6am to 6pm. The majority were non-Hispanic white men. Even a greater percentage of the fatal bicycle accidents involved non-Hispanic white men. This is interesting because non-Hispanic white people typically have a lower fatality rate. This diparity has left researchers wanting further understanding, like if including non-fatal injuries would explain the difference among the ethnic groups.

Distracted Driving Law Suits

The penalty for distracted driving is $100. Felony charges are popping up across the nation, but neither traffic tickets nor criminal prosecution help the families recover. While still grieving, the family of the victim will face difficult questions. How will the family pay for the medical bills and funeral costs? How will the bills get paid without the income of the deceased? The Clore Law Group helps the families answer these questions and more. The family of the victim has the right to seek financial damages in a civil lawsuit. This won't change what has happened, but it helps the family recover financially from a neglegent accident. It also serves to hold the driver accountable. If you've lost a family member in a fatal distracted driving accident, contact the Clore Law Group for a free consultation.

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