Electrocution in Durham

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A 14-year-old Durham boy was killed by electrocution when he climbed a Duke Energy transmission tower in a wooded area near Jordan High School on Saturday. The investigation is thus far considering the death an accident, but this untimely death demonstrates liability. Electrocution is a type of electric shock that stops the heart's beating, can. It is frequently used to refer to any electric shock received but that is technically incorrect; The term electrocution is used to mean: death, murder or a sudden accident caused by an electric shock.

Electrocution Company Liability

High voltage towers carry such voltage that you need not even touch it to get shocked. Typically electrocution results in death or traumatic injuries. Electrocutions may fall into the category of premises liability or product liability. This place a great responsibility on power companies to erect barrier and place warnings around dangerous power towers. When they fail to do so, they can be held liable for the resulting injuries and wrongful death. If the warning signs are obscured by vegetation, as the look to be in this photo, it may be time to hold the electric company responsible.

South Carolina Electrocution Lawyer

If a family member of yours suffer death by electrocution, call the Clore Law Group today to discuss your possible wrongful death case.

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