Clore Law Group continues to get substantial settlements for those injured in alcohol and drug related accidents

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A woman from Texas was traveling on Lockwood Boulevard in downtown Charleston, S.C., when she was struck head on by a driver from Virginia, who crossed into oncoming traffic and rammed into her automobile, causing her to suffer severe injuries. The driver was driving under the influence and was also driving too fast for conditions. He was arrested that night for DUI as his blood alcohol level was shown to be over the legal limit. The case involved a defense that alcohol was not a contributing factor, and the other party was about to plea to a lesser charge. Clore Law Group did substantial investigation to assure that the reckless acts would be admissible in trial, despite the city prosecutor's decision not to fully prosecute. It's critical to begin these in-depth investigations as early as possible after an accident involving aggravating factors. Further in this case, the damage valuation was enhanced greatly by the retention of local medical experts. When a person is injured out of state, their treating physicians are not required to travel to provide testimony in another state. However, with the most current technology available, Clore Law Group took video evidence depositions to be presented at trial. Since that limits the ability to summarize or react to the defense in real time, a neurologist was retained to explain in person the multiple injuries and to outline the care that the injured party was receiving, under the care of multiple subspecialists in Texas. The future care plan was also done by local professionals so that the jury would be able to see live testimony about the economic impact and loss created by the injuries. As a result of the drunk driver's reckless and negligent behavior, the injured party incurred both lost wages and numerous and varied medical expenses. For her pain and suffering, she was awarded $500,000 in a settlement obtained by Clore Law Group.

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