Drunk Driving Accidents Following the Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl is one a major event each year leading to drunk driving accidents with severe injury or death. Super Bowl parties begin in mid-afternoon and run into Sunday night spill a vast number of drunks onto the roads afterward. Approximately 40% of deadly car accidents on Super Bowl Sunday in 2010 involved drunk driving; Alcohol was a factor in a fatal car accident every 52 minutes.

Drunk Driving Legal Liability

National chains have Dram Shop insurance and are trained on how to responsibly serve and stop serving drinks, but did you know party hosts can be held liable and prosecuted if someone they served ends up in a drunk driving crash? Dram shop laws place originally place liability on bar and restaurant for not practicing responsible alcohol service, but has since been applied to party hosts. If you are serving liquor at your Super Bowl party, stop at the end of the third quarter. Provide taxi phone numbers to get obviously drunk people home safely. Liability focuses on if the one serving knew or should have known the person's level of intoxication would likely lead to a crash.

Drunk Driving Accident Attorney in Charleston

If you were injured or if a loved one was killed by a drunk driver, contact a lawyer at the Clore Law Group now. A civil lawsuit can result in financial compensation for medical and funeral expense resulting from the crash. It also can serve as additional punishment for negligent drunk driving.

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