Common Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents


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There are a few issues victims of motorcycle accidents need to be aware of when they seek injury compensation. But first, let's take a look at common causes of such accidents related injuries.

Common Causes of a Motor Bike Crash

The most frequent causes of such accidents include:

  • Motorist error – motorists often don't detect motorcycles that are riding very close to them. So the motorist either doesn't see the cyclist, or once they do, it's too late to avoid a crash.
  • Traffic law violations by motorists are another major cause of motorcycle accidents.

Common Injuries Caused by Motorcycle Accidents

Just like passenger motorcar injuries, motorcyclist injuries tend to fall into two categories: soft tissue and hard injuries. But there are some injuries that are unique to motorcyclists. Hard injuries include:

  • Second- and third-degree burns from the exhaust, engine and manifold – in cars, the engines are under the hood and separated by a firewall. However, motorcycle engines are completely exposed. A running motorcycle engine typically averages around 230 degrees in heat so when a car hits the bike and knocks the cyclist off, the only thing between the cyclist's skin and the engine block are leather chaps or jeans. It's simply not enough to stop a rider experiencing severe burns.
  • Brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, internal bleeding – motorcycle crashes can have such a severe force of impact that one or more of the rider's organs can be traumatized. In fact, the force of impact when a rider gets thrown into a solid object or onto the ground is the same at both low and high speeds so punctured lungs, internal bleeding and other internal damages are common motorcyclist injuries.
  • Broken bones – these usually includes fractured wrists and pelvis. These motorcycle accident injuries occur because a rider's first inclination is often to stretch out a hand when falling to protect the face. When a rider does this, though, the lower extremities are left fully exposed.

Soft tissue injuries include:

  • Lacerations, abrasions and contusions – when a rider goes down, the motorbike often drags him or her along the pavement and this means arms, legs and even parts of clothing catch on parts of the bike. As the rider is dragged, he or she suffers "road rash."
  • Torn or sprained ligaments, muscles and tendons – many motorcycle crash victims suffer torn muscles and ligaments. The injuries typically occur when the rider is just about to fall. One of the first instincts is to hold onto the motorcycle and as this is done, great effort is exerted to keep from falling. During the struggle, the motorbike continues to pull and twist tendons, muscles and ligaments. Since some bikes can weigh over a thousand pounds, the struggle typically results in the rider losing to the force of the bike.
  • Whiplash – the impact after the motorcycle accident can snap a rider's back and neck violently.

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