Cerebral Palsy Statistics

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Cerebral Palsy may seem like something that rarely occurs, but the data shows otherwise. Perhaps the numbers and percentages seem small to those unaffected. To the families of children diagnoses with cerebral palsy, the cost of the ongoing medical treatment may exceed their annual income. Here are some facts to note about cerebral palsy:

  • About 10,000 babies per year in the U.S. will develop cerebral palsy (Center for Disease Control and Prevention).
  • An estimated 800,000 people have cerebral palsy in US (United Cerebral Palsy)
  • About 2-3 children per 1,000 have cerebral palsy (March of Dimes).
  • In 2003 dollars, the average lifetime cost of cerebral palsy is an estimated $921,000. This does not include hospital visits, emergency room visits, residential care, and other out of pocket expenses (National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes NINDS).
  • In 2006, out-of-home respite care at the Respite House in Oshkosh, WI for children and/or adults with disabilities costs $144 per day, or $52,560 per year.
  • Two-thirds of children with cerebral palsy will be mentally impaired (NINDS).
  • For every 1000 babies born, about 2-3 endure brachial plexus birth injuries

Affording Cerebral Palsy

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South Carolina Cerebral Palsy Lawyer

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