Avoid a Car Accident on Black Friday


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A car accident that causes personal injury can happen at any given time. However, on Black Friday, an automobile accident is 37 percent more likely. If you're involved in a vehicle wreck this holiday season, Clore Law can fight for your right to suitable compensation. Black Friday happens the Friday straight after Thanksgiving. The holiday is notorious for retailers offering incredible discounts and unbeatable deals to shoppers who get to the stores early. It's a day when people head out to make the most out of their hard-earned money, particularly in preparation for Christmas shopping. The turnout of crowds for Black Friday is insurmountable. Lines start forming outside shops from very early in the morning and the crowds stick around all day. Shoppers tend to do their best to make the most out of their money by visiting as many shops as possible in a very limited amount of time. Since these excited shoppers need to park and commute to stores, there is a much higher likelihood of distracted and reckless driving. Vehicle insurers estimate that many a car accident at this time is a minor rear-end collision or fender bender, but there is always the potential to encounter a personal injury in any kind of accident. If you're heading out to the shops this Black Friday, it's important to opt for defensive driving. Here's how to avoid the stress of a car accident this holiday season:

  • Play music at a softer level than usual – your ears and eyes both need to concentrate on the road.
  • Don't compete over parking spots – instead, park further away than most shoppers to avoid parking lot accidents.
  • Keep a greater distance between vehicles – this helps to minimize the risk of a series of car accidents if someone happens to be rear-ended.
  • Enter intersections with greater caution that usual – shoppers in a hurry to get to the next big sale may run a red light.
  • If you are in an accident, call a personal injury lawyer – we specialize in Charleston personal injury cases and will help you claim the compensation you rightfully deserve.

If you become involved in or witness a car accident on Black Friday, try to document as much as you possibly can. Take photographs and get the phone numbers of any witnesses that are around at the time. It's also a good idea to have the paramedics check you out, even if you don't think you are injured. Remember to keep any medical paperwork for future records.

Why You Should Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

The holiday season is stressful enough without encountering a car accident. Clore Law is dedicated to representing our client's best interests and doing what we can to get the compensation you deserve. If you have been in an accident, contact us today to book a consultation at our offices. Call us at 843-722-8070.

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