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Felony DUI-DWI & Car Accidents

Car accidents resulting from drunk driving can have serious results. Depending on where you live, this charge may be called Felony DUI or Felony DWI. It is a more serious drunk driving charge resulting when a passenger was injury as a result of the accused's drunk driving. It is often passenger in other vehicles, but this could refer to passenger in the same vehicle. Did you know that from 6 p.m. on Friday until 6 a.m. on Monday, that 1 in 5 of the drivers that you are on the road with are legally intoxicated? That is too say, they are beyond the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and could be charge with DWI. Holidays like Christmas and Easter and unofficial ones too like Super Bowl Sunday - that number of impaired drivers drops to 1 in 4? While this criminal charge may result in jail time, it does nothing to help the victims with the financial hardships that follow. There are medical bills from treatment needs as a result of car accidents. There is loss wages resulting in the case of wrongful death. Contact an experienced attorney at the Clore Law Group if you or someone you love was injured in a Felony DWI.

Car Accidents and Auto Insurance

And, did you know that on any given day of the week, month, year, 1 in 7 drivers you encounter anywhere, anytime does NOT have any auto liability insurance. Although the Law says they have to have insurance, the reality is people often let it expire, can't pay for it, don't renew it, get used to not having it, don't care. This is te reason people buy uninsured motorist coverage. Without this, you will have to seek the legal damages due you according to law directly from at fault parties in car accidents. If they couldn't afford auto insurance, they may not have the resource to pay for your medical needs. There may be a third party from which to seek damages. This can get complicate. The Clore Law Group has helped injury victims from car accidents across South Carolina, including Florence, Richland County, Orangeburg, Columbia, North Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Summerville and the Horry County communities of Conway and North Myrtle Beach. Call today for help.

Car Accidents While Texting

This has become such an issue, some state have passed laws prohibiting it. Certainly this activity requires taking your eye's off the road. At 70MPH, your car travels more than 100 ft per second! If you suspect the person causing a car accident was texting, you should make your lawyer aware. The reckless behavior can be view as dangerous as driving drunk ans the court will use it as criteria in their decision.

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