Clore Law Sponsors Students in National Constitutional Law Competition


Teacher Misty LeClerc (front center) stands with her students. A group of students at Wando High School have been studying constitutional law the entire school year as part of their A.P. (Advanced Placement) U.S. Government class. Their efforts paid off in a bid to participate in a national competition held in April at George Washington University. As part of their studies, teacher Misty LeClerc organized and coached teams of students to compete in the annual "We The People" competition, focusing on Constitutional Law. "We The People" is a nationwide program sponsored by the Center for Civic Education and statewide by the S.C. Bar Association. After competing at the regional level, a team of students from Wando High School qualified for the national competition in Washington, D.C. Twenty students traveled to Washington to compete. Clore Law proudly sponsored the team as they headed to the nation's capitol to learn more about the founding principles of our great country. Wando High School Student Greer Glenn, a senior with plans to attend UNC-Chapel Hill in the fall, commented, "Our ‘We The People' trip to Washington D.C. was truly an experience of a lifetime! Getting to see our nation's capital and adding to our knowledge of the American political system was just a reminder of how lucky I am to live in such a democratic country. The most memorable part had to be hearing the oral argument in front of the Supreme Court justices. I waited outside in the rain for two hours to go into the Court for five minutes, but it was completely worth it. Getting a personal tour of the Capitol building with Mark Sanford was also unforgettable. Getting to debate the constitution with attorneys and political scientists at the ‘We The People' competition was an added bonus to the trip. I saw so many things and I learned so much that as soon as we got on the plane to head home, I wanted to relive the whole trip!" The "We the People" program is the most extensive program in the country that not only educates students on the principles and values of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, but prepares them to discuss and debate an understanding of their rights and responsibilities as American citizens. During the competition, panels of judges ask questions and engage the students in debates about numerous topics related to the principles of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Supreme Court rulings. The students, mostly seniors who have taken a rigorous course of Advanced Placement classes for four years, were honored to take what they've learned and compete on such a big stage. "Our trip to Washington was extraordinary. We saw all the nooks and crannies of Capitol Hill and discovered much of what I now believe is one of America's greatest cities. The ‘We the People' competition itself was a great experience and I'm more than proud to call everyone in my class not only my teammates, but my family. Specifically, we were given a tour of the Capitol building by our congressman, read in the Library of Congress, gazed upon the Hope diamond in the Natural History Museum, and toured Mt. Vernon on the most beautiful day you can imagine. I cannot emphasize enough the sense of unity, accomplishment, and satisfaction I felt at the end of our trip," said David Hall, a Wando High School senior.

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