Kids Taken Away After Possibly Falsified Drug Results

In Laurens County, SC, the Department of Social Services (DSS) is investigating a case where drug test results have possibly been falsified at the local branch of Accurate Diagnostics.

What We Know About Theses Drug Results

Between January and October last year, the DSS claims that all drug test results from the diagnostics lab are questionable. Accurate Diagnostics' duty is to take in hair and urine samples to be tested for DSS cases around the state. Hair samples are usually sent off to various companies, one of which is Omega Laboratories in Ohio. During the above mentioned period, drug test results from hair samples were indeed being sent to DSS with the Omega company's logo on them and offering positive drug results.

The Case of Sandy James

A public defender has questioned the authenticity of the reports on one particular case. Sandy James made contact with the DSS in 2015, after her son reported being a victim of a crime. For unknown reasons, DSS visited Sandy at her home and took hair samples of her children. The results tested positive for meth. James was subsequently charged with two counts of neglect and given a bond of $60,000. She also served jail time of nearly 3 months. The public defender contacted Omega Labs with the particular specimen numbers for the children. Apparently, the lab responded to say that those numbers where not tested in their lab. Sandy James' charges were dropped and she is in the process of suing Accurate Diagnostics.

The DSS Response

The DSS were notified late last year that law enforcement was carrying out an investigation of Accurate Diagnostics. DSS ceased dealings with Accurate Diagnostics immediately and claim to be cooperating with law enforcement during their investigation. The DSS has also reportedly studied all cases that may have been impacted by falsified test results from that lab. They have further been cooperating with the local judiciary in attempts to remedy any case impacted by supposedly fraudulent results. At present, it is claimed that approximately 30 families have around 40 questionable lab tests.

Are You Worried About Falsified Test Results?

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